Everyone changes their mood to a degree, but overthinkers like me tend to show almost a different personality. If most people change from purple to pink, I change from deep blue to dark red like a chameleon changes its colour. It’s just that my colour is invisible.

Ordinary days of a stutterer

“I stammered several times and almost wished the interviewers would break their composure and laugh.” —4th March 2019

My mind always time travels to somewhere else. Who has given me this time-machine, I don’t know.” —20th March 2019

“Why am I such a stupid chameleon? Yesterday I had a bit of wisdom. Today, I’m back to being an unstable 15 year old. —30th March 2019

“I don’t seek eternity, even if it’s a long-lasting hope.” —25th August 2019

Although this story is based on the author’s actual experience, the names of people and the companies are the author’s creations. Also, some of the characters’ features and private information such as where they live have been changed for their privacy. Needless to say, this diary has been written solely from the author’s perspective.


Thank you to Kim, Greg and Debra who encouraged me write this diary in English. Special thanks to Jack (jackalex1972 AT gmail.com), my friend and a professional proofreader, for not only checking my writing but also making very helpful suggestions. I would also like to say thank you to Aki, Sachi, Maho, Misaki and my sister who have shown their interest in my story. Without these people, who I hope will read it, I couldn’t have kept writing this diary.

Copyright © 2019-2021 MegChameleon

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